Joined by Creator/Founder of Codes Socks and Codes Media

Gratwick had a great week of new sponsors for the upcoming May 10th event: Infotech WNY, Twisted-Rope & Codes Socks/Media. We are looking forward to the Augmented Reality game that Twisted Rope is making for the event.

This week we are joined by the founder/creator of Codes Socks and Codes Media- under the umbrella of CODES. This entrepreneur who is not just making great products with excellent athletic endorsements but also giving back to charities with each product.

We grilled Dan:

  • -You grew up in Buffalo but you’ve been in Tampa for a long time, how did you end up there?
  • What inspired the idea to start a sock company?
  • You’re also a family man, how do you balance the day job, kids and a startup?
  • What’s it like working with professional athletes? Who is easier to deal with your kids or the athletes?
  • What is your favorites sock you made so far?
  • What is Codes Media?
  • You’re going to be presenting the second project of 4, being introduced on May 10th, what can we expect?
  • What charities does your company support?

Em’s Corner:

Recap of last Saturday’s Murder Mystery Game Night and how much work goes into preparing the game.

Bullet Blitz:

-Would you rather live without a car or a computer?

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