Andrea sits in for John and she has a story to tell.

Andrea sits in for John this week and boy does she have a story to tell. A rattlesnake slid into her living room just feet from her and he dog. We have a Sunspot Observatory update that raises more questions than it answers. The music modernization act passed. Esports experienced some backlash from soccer fans this week. A new round of Discord questions caps off a slow week.

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Bullet Blitzes

  • Would you use manufactured limbs?
  • Robot Takeover Stifled by Batman?
  • Would you take bone marrow from your baby for its future health?
  • What dish is your highest honor as a thank you?

We finally settled into our new Gratcast studio.

This week John and Kris are in disbelief at the arrogance it takes for another studio to be in talks with Bryan Singer the same week the Predator bombed due to a featured extras past.  Something strange happened at the Sunspot Observatory in New Mexico this week, the Men in Black showed up and neutralized everyone. Everyone feels their anger is righteous and they’re using it to justify any and all actions. The Brett Kavanaugh situation is pretty cut and dry, regardless of your politics. 

This weeks Discord Questions include what blockbuster we want to make, do male and female actors need to be treated differently and how are the salaries determined for male and female actors?

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Bulle Blitz

  • Vegan Brisket For it or against it?
  • Who is overpaid?
  • Bottle waters and plastic straws?
  • Favorite show with a remake?

This week Hollywood sees accountability, an actress take a stand and another titan falls. 

It’s week 1 in the NFL and Kris is already looking for a distraction from the Buffalo Bills. Hollywood had a crazy week. The popular Oscar came and went when it wasn’t so popular. Terry Crews settled with WME and scored one for team accountability. Olivia Munn stood tall and did the right thing regardless of how many people Shane Black throws under the bus. Les Moonves’s reign of terror is finally over. Burt Reynolds and Mac Miller died this week.

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We introduce a new segment this week ‘Questions from Discord’. If you’d like to join the Gratwick discord party click the link.

Bullet Blitzes

  • When you buy tickets for your favorite team, do you wait to see how they look early in the season?
  • Do you know what a Lyger is?
  • If you draft a top 10 QB prospect and find yourself picking first the following year, do you swing again?
  • When did something you expect to go one way, go in a completely different direction?

We are outside by the BBQ for this Labor Day edition of Gratcast recanting our labor history.

Kris has a little show and tell to start the show. Discover card has been using mind games to try and recruit a new member. After that the rest of the show is dedicated to the MANY jobs Kris and John have held over their 55 years of labor employment. The journey of jobs include everything from Spa Cover assembly to a friend of the court to payment processing for Warner Brothers. The guys share crazy stories like how one of them seduced their boss with a rubber band and lessons learned along the way. 

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Bullet Blitzes

  • Have we ever dated women that were not our type?
  • Which job do we miss?
  • Have you ever felt trapped?
  • Which is the better Labor Day meat Beef, Pork or Chicken?