We are starting a *** New*** show schedule!

For now on, the episodes will be EVERY OTHER Monday. Kris is leaving on a jet plane to hit up the South then East coast. On Thanksgiving, we watched a lot of shows and movies like The Report and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

Gratwick Section: Town Hall meeting next wk in Buffalo

Main Topic: Kris’s Florida detour – will he meet the Florida Man?

Discord Section:
– Siobhan asks: with all the travel you two have been doing (and will be doing in the future), what are your favorite and least favorite aspects of traveling?

Bullet Blitzes:

– We have 4 diff streaming services – name 1 show or movie from each you recommend.
– What are you going to download to watch on your cross country flight?
– What should I do if I have an encounter with the infamous Florida man?
– If he’s what he says he is, who is the first person I should tell? Besides you.

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