Loyalty is getting lost. We’re being punished for believing in people and trusting them. Kris uses a zombie metaphor to discuss how people keep turning into the walking dead.

We obviously have a good project because there is infighting above and below us at every level. We helped out on a shoot at Rick James old house for a Star Wars short for a comic con contest.

We did a group audition for a coffee commercial. Andrea got herself into a mail scam.
Will finally saw Scarface. Speaking of fake friends we spent memorial day hanging out with Fellisa Rose and Deron ‘the scumbag’ Miller.

Good news this week we found out about a Facebook vod platform. Hollywood Corner: what script would you want to rewrite? A wrinkle in time.

Our most technologically successful episode yet! Will, Kris and this week’s special guest, Andrea Vahl talk about their own Hollywood stories as writers, directors, and actors. We talk about last week’s trip to Vegas and The SciFi Center where we held our screening. We blast Alamo Rentacar like the shady scamsters they are. We shower love upon Justin Timberlake and his appearance on last weekend’s Saturday Night Live. We get religious and talk Rapture. The Return to The Perfect House Tour getting it’s own reality TV show?


This week Kris and Will discuss implementing new technology into the podcast, the ‘week that was’ and the two new sites helping promote the horror film The Perfect House.  We preview the upcoming Las Vegas show before another edition of the Hollywood corner.  Kris asks Will what he learned from his latest production of Tub Talk and Will asks Kris about his long term plans in the industry.

Andrea guest hosts this week and coincidentally our first live streamed Gratcast.

From Paris With Love is very bad movie and a perfect example of the Hollywood machine mailing it in. Cheesiest green screen work ever. Complete copy of Training Day. I couldn’t see Travolta in a men’s sauna until I watched this movie.

Andreas week. Business plans, proposals for the TPHtour.  Andrea has been working on putting foreign distribution packages together. We are cutting the mini tour footage into a sizzle real for a reality show. We are trying to setup a show in San Diego and hoping to start the big tour in June. We have some crazy ideas and contests for the tour.  Kris went to the Hollywood Park for the Kentucky Derby.

Hollywood corner. Pressures of post production compared to pre production. What is the most important thing Kris and Andrea have learned so far. Having the knowledge to match my instincts. The blurry lines between friends and business partners.

Our first episode of Gratcast back from the road and home in Los Angeles. We recap where we’ve been and our plans for where we’re going.  We planned the 6-city mini tour to test audience reactions to our horror film The Perfect House, now that we know those who see the movie love it, the goal becomes how do we get as many people to see our movie as possible?