Exploring Cali’s Cannabis Industry with Founder of Curated Cannabis

“A Night to Inspire” is gaining sponsors and new talent for the night. With great regret, over the past week, Conscious 716 had to bow out due to a work promotion that will require him to be out of the area at the time of the event. In a whirlwind of good luck, we were able to book the awesome Buffalo band ‘Mom Said No’! Newest sponsors: Canal Club 62 and Salvatore’s are donating gifts for the raffles.

Former Investment Banker turned Founder of a leading cannabis company, Will Sun, joins us in studio to break down this newly legal industry in California. Matriculating from the Ivy Leagues and the Financial Sector in the mid 2000s, Will saw the world pre- and post- 2008 market crash and learned how companies should be run instead of the way they had up to then. With ever expanding regulations and competition, Will reveals the many facets of the legal cannabis industry.

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