Gratcast has an exciting milestone coming up.

Kris watched the Techno Viking Documentary that wasn’t allowed to show the Techno Viking.  Despite coming from a border city John has just learned about Real ID’s and he is not a fan. There are exciting days ahead and to get ready Kris is going on what he calls the G90x. August 20th Gratcast will be live with special guests and a very big announcement.

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  • Fish Market News
  • Biggest fear about a live show?
  • Instagram pictures of food
  • Favorite event attended?
  • A ride called Tilt
  • GML castoffs

Breaking down a predatory loan in detail

Kris gives John an update on the car situation and the options for getting out of a predatory loan. As Gratwick Productions grows there are opportunities to go around, some will be small, some will be big. Kris explains why there is never a bad opportunity to be offered, even the free ones. Its on the people searching for opportunities to find opportunities that match what level they are on and then research the person providing the opportunity to determine whether or not the offer is ethical.  Our Brand Ambassador program is available to the first 100 people who join our Gratwick discord server using this invite. We have an exciting announcement about future plans for Gratcast.

Bullet Blitzes

  • Best Uber Ride?
  • Something you love, that broke and you never touched again.
  • Eating too food that is too hot.
  • Best discount store find?
  • Longest shift ever worked?
  • Tallest weed plant and how much it produced.

Special Guest: Former Marine and current music Producer and Business Coach Justine Sanders

Justine shares a few stories of his time overseas in the military including one night in hostile territory where he unit was escorting a man and his goat before the goat broke loose and ran into the darkness. We introduce Justine to the Q phenomenon and officially go rogue from our agenda. Kris and Justine discuss the challenges entrepreneurs face when confronted with the difficult choice of putting limited resources into the company or into a business coach. Kris shares a warning for his fellow entrepreneurs about how the State of California stole every last penny in his business bank account over the 4th of July for a wrongful tax debt and how he got the money back.

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  • Thoughts on Call of Duty III
  • What release were you excited for, but waited for a price drop?
  • Power of Positive Thinking
  • LABron for it or against it?
  • LA Heat Wave
  • Manifesting Results
  • Longest road trip without stopping for the night?

It was a wild week at Gratwick Productions with road trips, breakdowns, meetings and firings.

John has a beef with the rising homeless population he needs to get off his chest before Kris dives into a busy week for the company. Kris’s Mom was in town this week and she wasted no time dropping some bombs from the family closet. Instead of drinking wine in the Canyon all weekend Kris took his Mom and Andrea to Santa Barbara for some wine tasting. At the same time Kris was dealing with unexpected staff turnover. Sunday Gratwick Productions held a team meeting in Dana Point that went well until the journey home turned into an odyssey when the car broke down.

Next Weeks Guest: Justine McLaurin (Gratwick COO and Corporate Headhunter)

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  • Hollywood Boom
  • Stationary Star In The Sky
  • Middle Name Approval