Anthony’s back and worried about his job after the preformance by last weeks guest hosts and it looks like we are finally ready for guests.

Apparently Kris has a secret phrase he slips into each episode, ‘Happy Endings’ and ‘Surburbia’ are two great shows flying under the radar. The state of affairs with ‘The Office’ is not looking good, but a new law making its way through congress might help indie filmmakers and other startups find funding easier. However, as usual the government is treating the masses like we are morons and apparently the FAA has learned to follow suit wasting enormous amounts of fuel and manpower.

Anthony gives us his review of ‘Goon’ and that’s how I feel right about now after the rounds and rounds I’ve gone with social media. However it looks like we are starting to pick up a few tricks along the way like SocialMarker.

Best Gratcast ever? Kris and Anthony bring their A game this week! Anthony did some facebooking with Roger Ebert while Kris learns that only Siskel is gone. The past week, while completely redesigning the Gratwick Films website (Again) Kris taught himself how to write html code.

We introduce society to an 8secondworld for an 8secondlifestyle an idea Kris used to teach himself the basics of website building. Kris explains what it will take for Marijuana to be completely legal, when and why it relates to autonomous cars that drive themselves. How the hell did Adam Sandler get Johnny Depp and Al Pacino in Jack and Jill?