John is still out, but Andrea is here with her snuggie to keep his seat warm.

This is the 1st week of the new segment: Em’s Corner with hostess Emily B. Guests are lined up through March including some of our #BuffaloStarSearch nominees.

This episode an extremely talented singer/songwriter, Paris Calibur, was our special guest and we picked her brains: -What is the first song you wrote? What inspired you to write that song? – Was there a specific song that made the light go off? – Was your family supportive with your creative career plans or did anyone try to talk you out of it? – Do you have a routine when you want to write? – Who is your biggest inspiration and why? – If you could go back in time and meet one of your heroes, who would it be? – How do you feel about social media since you haven’t really been involved on Fb or Twitter?

Discord Questions:

Guilty Pleasures, we all have them. What are your favorite guilty pleasures; A.) Movie B.) Show C.) Snack

Em’s Corner:

Getting to know Emily, movies, games, and the gauntlet was thrown for next week’s topic of Xbox vs PS4.

Em’s Corner question from Siobhan: Knowing you’re a big Disney fan what are A.) your all time favorite Disney movie, B.) your favorite when you were a kid, C.) the one you’d like/hate to see remade. *** answered on Discord server –

Bullet Blitzes:

  • Worlds Healthiest Countries – Spain #1, Italy #2, and US #35. What can US do to improve their status?
  • Streaming Wars- CBS, Showtime, HBO, Disney and WarnerMedia unveil services in 2019 and NBCUniversal debuts its entry in 2020.problem is, each time an entity goes it alone, it enters a crowded field while potentially forgoing its share of the roughly $5 billion Netflix spends annually to license content. Then there’s the estimated $4 billion Amazon could spend, $1 billion from Facebook, and so on. Do you think the big companies will change their minds about separate streaming services?
  • March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, what is another saying about the weather that you can think of?
  • Mel B said Lady Gaga broke the women’s code when she made “love eyes” at Bradley Cooper during their steamy Oscars performance while the mother of Bradley’s child sat in the front row? Damn good performance or women code violation?

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John is in Tennessee so Andrea guest hosts Gratcast again.

We have guests lined up through March including some new talent like singer/songwriter Paris Calibur next week and Kash Hovey in March. We will also have a new segment on the show starting next week – Emily’s Corner with Emily Balkovic from our awesome Discord group!

First Interview via Gridfam – CEO Silver Padilla
Silver discusses how Payday became Elabs the May 10 launch event, his favorite game he’s playing right now, high school sports, what stays with you? How do you balance being an entrepreneur, full time employee and a father? What’s your biggest life lesson you learned the hard way? What impact do you want to have on Esports and gaming? Final Question – Surprise.

Discord Questions:

  • What is our best method on feeling better when sick, what gets you going?
  • It is reported that Trump is declaring a state of emergency to fund his border wall and that CA might sue. How do you feel about that development?

Bullet Blitzes:

  • A first-run copy of the Nintendo Entertainment System game sold in a private transaction earlier this month for $100,150 and the people involved in the deal say it’s the first six-figure transaction for a single collectible game. In 40 years what memorabilia from the early 2000s will be worth that equivalent?
  • Final season of Veep is coming. Which character is better Elaine Bettis or Selina Meyer?
  • Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Alfonso Ribeiro is suing Epic Games for allegedly using his signature “Carlton dance” in Fortnite. Us copyright says the Dance can’t be registered because it’s just a “simple routine”, lost the suit. What’s another dance from a movie/show is that so recognizable that the name instantly recalls what it’s from?
  • Laundry, dishes or drive. Never again, leave up to a robot, and do yourself.

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Top 5 Moments Exposed!

Kris started seeking out podcast appearances and guests and discoverer that some podcasters are charging their guests to appear!!! Next week we will have Silver Padilla from Esports Lab stopping by; and on March 4th Kash Hovey will be our 3rd host as he will be in the studio.
Andrea’s adventures of the week involved working on a national sponsor list for the upcoming event in May and a company electronic press kit. Her big adventure was when she went to Jeannie Jones’s Bday party and met super cool people. Saturday Kris is going to be scouting a semi-pro football team’s spring training with the hopes of broadcasting their games in the Fall.

Top 5 moments together

Andrea’s List (no order)

  1. Big Bear Weekend for film festival/Oktoberfest
  2. Getting Bear
  3. Eiffel Tower restaurant in the Paris casino in Vegas
  4. Catalina Island wknd during off season
  5. 6 Flags Park & hotel

Kris’s List (in order)

  1. Utah hotel/ early version of Airbnb
  2. Same as Andrea’s #4
  3. Same as Andrea’s #2
  4. 40th Birthday weekend
  5. Same as Andrea’s #3

Discord Questions

  • BAFTA Suspended/Rescinded Bryan Singer’s nomination for Bohemian Rhapsody.  Thoughts?
  • When starting up Gratwick, how much support did you receive (I’m talking emotionally, not financially)? Did you get a lot of people saying things like “when you decide to get a real job” “how long are you going to do this” from friends/family?

Bullet Blitzes

  • There’s a big movement, rightfully so, to offer more opportunities to women in the industry. How do you feel about crew position ads that request female only applicants?
  • California finally cut its losses on the train to the past. Now that we saved 77 billion what should we spend it on?
  • On 02/12/1985 Carmela Vitale of Dix Hills, NY, received a patent for a plastic 3-legged tripod that sits in a pizza box centre to keep the top from sagging. What small patent do you wish you had come.up with?  
  • Yesterday a 1000 lb tiger was found inside an abandoned SE Houston home. Some pot smokers went in to the home to light up and came face to face with him locked in his cage! The police and animal welfare has to tow his cage out of the house to safety. What should the former owners have to do as a punishment?

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Football is over, Back to Binge-watching and Video Games

We are doing better than the investors in QuadrigaCX . Their 30 year old CEO died and the only password to $190m in cryptocurrency investments went with him. John gives a glimpse into his week with a picture montage. On Friday John played with Max’s Fight Club. Super Bowl reactions.

Gratwick Prod bought their flights for the May 10th brand launch / YAWNY fundraiser at the Wurlitzer Events in Buffalo, NY! Gratwick Gaming partnered with Esports Labs for their new weekly tournament! Breaking down the story structure of the season finale of ‘Atlanta’, (show produced, written and starring Donald Glover).

No Discord section this week – the Polar Vortex has taken over!

Bullet Blitzes

  • I’ve introduced you to the show ‘First We Feast’ on Youtube. Having seen an episode, do you like the format?
  • What is one movie or book that you wish had a sequel or was remade?
  • John is on the hunt for some DMT. Would you ever try DMT?
  • Elon Musk released the patents for Tesla this week for the common good of humanity. How do you feel about patent laws and what patent would you like to see released?

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