We finally settled into our new Gratcast studio.

This week John and Kris are in disbelief at the arrogance it takes for another studio to be in talks with Bryan Singer the same week the Predator bombed due to a featured extras past.  Something strange happened at the Sunspot Observatory in New Mexico this week, the Men in Black showed up and neutralized everyone. Everyone feels their anger is righteous and they’re using it to justify any and all actions. The Brett Kavanaugh situation is pretty cut and dry, regardless of your politics. 

This weeks Discord Questions include what blockbuster we want to make, do male and female actors need to be treated differently and how are the salaries determined for male and female actors?

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Bulle Blitz

  • Vegan Brisket For it or against it?
  • Who is overpaid?
  • Bottle waters and plastic straws?
  • Favorite show with a remake?