It’s been a crazy week with a lot to cover!

SoCal has been rocked with record high Earthquakes this weekend. Where was the Epicenter? Ridgecrest which is also right by the Naval Base at China Lake.

Phil Schneider looks more prophetic by the day. He was a US Government Geologist and Underground Engineer who worked on the Dulce Base and survived the Dulce Wars. He was a whistleblower who was found strangled by his own catheter. If you like rabbit holes about aliens and MKUltra, his speeches and proof will blow your mind.

Kris is producing a new podcast getting a ton of attention – Stayte of Mind with David Stay. He dives down all these crazy rabbit holes.

It’s time we talk about the Costco Shooter. An off duty officer shot and killed a mentally disabled young man and his parents in a Costco when they were “waiting” in line for free samples. The police dept is working to keep this quiet.

Kip Pardue -SAG gave him a 6k fine or 3k fine plus a 90-day program as punishment for forcing Sarah Scott, his costar in an independent television pilot in 2018, to touch his penis during a sex scene and later masturbated in front of her in a dressing room. After hearing about the incident and SAG’s refusal to give him a stricter punishment without more complaints by SAG members, Andrea Bogart, who acted beside Kip on Ray Donovan, spoke out that his behavior was not a one-off as his lawyer tried to tell the Guild.
Bogart recalled, “At one point, they were preparing to shoot a “pretty racy” foursome sex scene with Hank Azaria and Sherilyn Fenn.”
After blocking the scene — in which Bogart was wearing “pasties and fish-wire underwear” — the actress returned to her trailer. That’s when, she told The Times, Pardue knocked on her door and asked if he could come in.

“So he comes in and then out of left field, he starts talking about how crazy the scene is and unbuttoning his pants,” Bogart said. “He pulls out his genitalia and starts rubbing himself. I remember just covering my face and being like, ‘What are you doing?’ I was embarrassed and in utter shock.”

She said that Pardue then asked her to touch him, which she declined to do. Then, she said, he asked her to touch herself; again, she declined. She urged him to go to his own trailer, which he eventually did. she considered reporting the behavior to the producers, but she was worried about her career being “ruined.”

“I was still climbing and grinding away, and this was my first part on a [popular] show. I didn’t trust that it wouldn’t do negative things for me,” Bogart said. “Like, are they gonna think I invited him in my trailer? I just wanted it to go away as quickly as possible.”

Epstein has been re-arrested. Will they finally pry that Pandora’s box all the way open? He’s not just a rapist, but a sex trafficker for decades with many friends in scary high places.

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