This week we have special guest Chris Barber our graphic designer and the artist behind our wildly popular Comic Con DVD cover. He shares his experiences moving to Los Angeles and what it was like going to design school at Penn State University, including his feelings as an alumni on the recent events.

During our week in review we catch up on everything happening since the 4th of July. Andrea set’s Kris up with a perfect segway into a rant about a reviewer who had a personal agenda when she debates the difference between a duesch and a dick.
Kris takes the opportunity to defend himself against accusations he depicted rape on screen worse than any other filmmaker in the history of cinema.

Finally we get to the next chapter of our on going segment about the backstory behind The Perfect House. This week’s chapter is the arrival in Buffalo.

We headed for Buffalo via an easter weekend with the family in New Jersey. A great family weekend of walking tours through the warehouse district, flamboyant tour guides, a run in with Larry David, sculpture parks and a sunday BBQ turns violently ugly when adversity strikes. A fluke injury sends the weekend into a tailspin and might ultimately have been the only reason the movie is ever made.

Back in Buffalo and recovering, we try to explain to my Grandfather, over daily visits to dissect his home, the circus that is headed his way.

In between visits we would swing by the house of horrors that is home to the secret lab of Anomaly Effects.

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