John drops the bombshell that he won’t be returning to his old job and the future is wide open for him. Joe had the awkward experience of running face to face into someone he matched with on Tinder and the best he could come up with was to burst how in public “hey we matched on Tinder.” In our second segment Kris catches us up on all the casting announcements for Just Drive and the latest innovative content from Social Filmmaking.

Live streamed team meetings on google hangouts. The abovetopsecret story of the week is about a body found in Russia that is believed to be alien in origin. Our final segment is a full breakdown of Madden 16 and the GML. What we like about the game, some of it’s issues and short-comings and what to expect from the GML in year 2. We’ve expanded to 16 teams!  Finally we end with a salute to John Tavares and his unbelievable Lacrosse career.

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