Special Guest: Former Marine and current music Producer and Business Coach Justine Sanders

Justine shares a few stories of his time overseas in the military including one night in hostile territory where he unit was escorting a man and his goat before the goat broke loose and ran into the darkness. We introduce Justine to the Q phenomenon and officially go rogue from our agenda. Kris and Justine discuss the challenges entrepreneurs face when confronted with the difficult choice of putting limited resources into the company or into a business coach. Kris shares a warning for his fellow entrepreneurs about how the State of California stole every last penny in his business bank account over the 4th of July for a wrongful tax debt and how he got the money back.

Bullet Blitzes

  • Thoughts on Call of Duty III
  • What release were you excited for, but waited for a price drop?
  • Power of Positive Thinking
  • LABron for it or against it?
  • LA Heat Wave
  • Manifesting Results
  • Longest road trip without stopping for the night?