Kris is headed back to Buffalo for a BIG weekend!

Pierce Brosnan says it’s time for a female 007 and Lashana Lynch is rumored to be considered for the role.

A new law being enacted this month in Maine, sponsored by Rep. Jeff Evangelos, I-Friendship, was a pioneering attempt to address a common complaint with TV viewers that they must buy a cable to watch channels they want while also paying for lots of channels they do not want. Comcast is trying to sue the state saying it’s against their (a corporation not a person) freedom of speech. Lol!!

Gratwick Topic: We added a social media guru to the team – TESS!

Kris is going to Buffalo for a HUGE Homecoming weekend! The events start on Friday and last through Sunday – you can check out the livestreams on Gratwick Productions facebook page.

Discord Section:

  • Who do you think is going to be in the Super Bowl this season?
  • As fall approaches, what are some of your favorite aspects of the season? Gearing up for the holidays? The family time? Team pumpkin spice? Watching Hocus Pocus & Addams Family on repeat with no shame?

Bullet Blitzes:

  • Venice Film Festival asked reporters/press for an embargo on articles and tweets for pre-screenings. One member of the press decided not to listen and was chastised. He took to twitter to say its not fair. What do you think? Is it limiting to press or protective of the filmmakers?
  • 2/3 are trending on Twitter, guess which one: Mad TV, Seinfeld, Original Madden
  • St Louis robbery where patron refused to hit the ground, give up his cellphone, and even lit a cig while robber pointed a shotgun at him as he cleared the cash register. Would you be that calm to not fight the guy?
  • Felicity Huffman got 14 days for bribery of school officials, was it too light and how many days will she actually serve?

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