Andrea has spent the week at death’s door while Kris’s has been moving and shaking t the Grove. In what might someday go down in Hollywood lore, Kris explains how he pitched, wrote and made a deal for a script in less than 3 days.

A ton of news about The Perfect House hints at possible release date for the ‘multiple’ dvds, possible bonus features, commentary and… a possible secret endings?

Facebook has jumped the shark and become a cesspool of hostility and impulsive negativity. Kris explains why you should always say you’re going to polish it up for them and keep it tight.

A Gratwick Original Mike Garrow will be a guest on next week’s show, Andrea and Kris explain just who is Mike Garrow and where his place is in the annual of Gratwick Films history.

Chapter list
1. Intro to episode 41
2. Andrea goes 7 rounds with death
3. Kris talk about writing a script in 2 days
4. The Perfect House news

We took an unexcused absence for two weeks. This episode’s all about what has kept us from our true love, Gratcast. Kris was fired this week and he is pissed off. Mainly NHL ’10. NO! That wasn’t the reason. The reason was our journey through the dark corridors of Hollywood’s Public Relations house of horrors. But we made it out alive! AND with good news….