Andrea sits in for John and she has a story to tell.

Andrea sits in for John this week and boy does she have a story to tell. A rattlesnake slid into her living room just feet from her and he dog. We have a Sunspot Observatory update that raises more questions than it answers. The music modernization act passed. Esports experienced some backlash from soccer fans this week. A new round of Discord questions caps off a slow week.

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Bullet Blitzes

  • Would you use manufactured limbs?
  • Robot Takeover Stifled by Batman?
  • Would you take bone marrow from your baby for its future health?
  • What dish is your highest honor as a thank you?

Gratcast welcomes our very first guest, Producer/Actress Andrea Vahl (The Perfect House, First Timers). She joins the show to discuss our plan to storm the front door of facebook.  Kris, Will and Andrea will drive through the night, from Los Angeles to facebook Headquarters in Palo Alto where the gang intend to be the first to walk through the front door when it opens in the morning. The goal is to speak with whoever is in charge of building a video on demand platform for facebook and inquire about being the first movie ever to premier on facebook.