General technology, Above Top Secret stories and rust belt sports are all on the menu this week. Uber stories from Joe. The autonomous cars are coming! A discovery has been made that has John excited. Edible water balloons! Why aren’t we launching our garbage into the sun? John found an app that claims to earn you free money while running in the background. Kris gives an update on his cash for surveys experiment. Water has been discovered on Mars.

We knew it all along. Neil de Grassie explained perfectly why this is an important discovery and reinforces the theory of planetary seeding. Our ATS story of the week is about a young girl who claims to have been possessed by evil spirits after using an mobile app version of the Ouija board game. Sports talk. The Sabres season has started. The Bills choked against the Giants and the Seahawks win another game with some huge help from the refs.  Oh and John’s Lions are a full blown tire fire.

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