We now have Barry Funkhouser on the podcast team. He’s going to edit out the nonsense, umms and uhhs for you every week.  John had his tub taken over by the negativity goo from Ghostbusters 2.

Kris chopped the prize money in a poker tournament and explains to John how a split works at the end of a tournament. We have the blessings of a psychic on our side. Han Solo bombed and we know exactly why, Disney is mining the wrong areas of the Star Wars universe.

It’s been a while but Kris got into a new twitter tift. This one was with Franklin Leonard of the Blacklist. Kris has issues with the demographically charged writer contests.

Bullet points of the week

  • What is the plural of Rasmus?
  • What technology would you merge with?
  • How many meats did we BBQ this Memorial Day Weekend?
  • Any animal what kind would you be?
  • What is your ranking of natural disasters?
  • Which Stanley Cup Finalist would you rather play on?
  • If you had to serve in the military which branch would you choose?
  • What language do you think is the coolest?
  • If you could boo someone in a place where they were once formally beloved?
  • What do you think of just before the first drop of a roller coaster?
  • The birth rate in the US is declining steadily, why do you think that is?