We celebrate the 100th episode of Gratcast with a conversation about how Hollywood can go from #MeToo to #NoMore.

Filmmaker and Actress Kathy Kolla joins us for the first hour to talk about her experiences in the industry and her new film ‘Plastic Daydream’.

5:00 – 21:00 – Kathy Kolla talks about ‘Plastic DayDream’
21:21 – 59:00 – How does Hollywood go from #MeToo to #NoMore

The second hour is joined by Silver Padilla with our title sponsor PayDay.GG to talk about the E-sports industry and how the PayDay social media and tournament platform is positioned to explode on the scene.

59:30 – 1:45:00 – PayDay.GG

We thank our sponsors PayDay.GG, LadyBug Fortune and Young Scent for their support.

We put together a full rundown of all the tech we used for Gratcast100.

Bullet Blitz

  • Favorite first video game?
  • What game makes you rage quit?
  • When did you first start playing video games?

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