Good Meetings Led to Serious Sunburns

Did you like our teaser for Disenfranchised? That is one of the Gratwick Universe installments for future consumption.
Next Monday the host of Stayte of Mind – David Stay- will be our Guest Host. You might know him from the movie Sphere of the Lycanthrope and the tv series Photon. Get ready for some conspiracies!

We had a very good weekend. We had a business meeting in Malibu where we should have put on sunscreen. Who said that you can’t get a sunburn during meetings? Oh yeah, that was Kris! See just how wrong he was!
On Sunday we were invited to a private screening to discuss the film’s distribution. To Andrea’s great surprise, her college acting prof was in it!

Making true friends in the industry is one of the biggest personal struggles in LA. Yes, we all have difficulties with the non-‘9 to 5’ lifestyle, but industry friendships have a few more hardships.

Em’s Corner:

Emily went to Crypticon over the weekend and had a great time! She was kind enough to take some video and share her experiences.

Discord Question:

  • Have you guys ever thought about doing Conventions?

Bullet Blitzes:

  • What would it take for you to quit social media?
  • Are you more technology-reliant or old school hands-on? Are there any specific exceptions?
  • Scarlett Johansson says she is not appropriating other cultures when she plays non-caucasian roles. Do you agree?
  • Congress wants to know if the gov weaponized ticks and bugs in the past. Does that shock you that they had to ask the Dept of Defense and didn’t already know the answer? Does it shock you that the DoD might have done it?

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