Details that Hollywood wishes you didn’t know

Kris showed his mad card skills over the weekend and placed in a couple of final tables of NL Texas Hold ‘Em. We took a little video last time Andrea fed the goats. Credit Card Scammer tried his luck with Kris and lost!

Codes Socks was involved with Sunday’s Micah Hyde Charity Softball Tournament. Gratwick and Dan Gambino (owner of Codes Socks) are partnering up on an app called Codes Experience – AR app powered by Twisted Rope.

As promised in last week’s episode, Kris made a 2 part blog that discusses why blockchain is Hollywood’s worst nightmare. Here are the links:
Pt. 1:
Pt. 2:

Benefits of Blockchain for Creators and Consumers:

Digital Distribution – branded platforms, seamless customer transactions identical to the major platforms without commission, lower price points for consumers, higher profit margins for creators.
Smart Contracts – ethical royalty disbursements automated at point of sale using micro-transactions.
Transparency – with revenue and view count – critical information used to get future projects funded.

Discord Questions:

  • Will you be going to Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland?
  • What kind of renovations will the studio be undergoing?

Bullet Blitzes:

  • Would the political policies of a given state stop you from accepting a temporary gig in that state?
  • What reason would you not live in a state? What would the state have to do to get you to refuse to live there in spite of any incentives?
  • Can you name 3 other celebrity billionaires?
  • In the spirit of summer: you are invited for a bbq at a new friend’s place. When you get there you find out it is actually a pool party and you don’t have a suit. The host has 2 options in your size: would you rather wear one of the 1920’s full body swimsuits (kind of like a wrestling uniform) or a banana hammock (male bikini)? No other options.

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