Happy New Year to you all!

John returns from a 2 week work “hiatus”. Kris breaks down his interesting week. The guys discuss the final pieces of the WeFunder campaign. The main topic of the week is Netflix’s Bandersnatch & they break down some different areas of the show. RDR2 game talk leads to a heated discussion with the audience about XBox vs PS4.  Elabs is having their closed alpha test this week! 

Discord Questions

  • What did you guys think of the Red Dead Redemption 2 ending?
  • Did you have a high honor or low honor?
  • Ps4 vs Xbox / Girl Gamers/ Digital vs Physical games
  • Golden Globes and Vice and A Star is Born
  • The Meg
  • Fake Accents

Bullet Blitzes

  • What do you think is the worst time/day/date to go to a mall/shopping?
  • What is one of the worst plays you’ve made playing any sport?

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