This week Game Designer and Filmmaker JRod Gingerich joins us from a Starbucks.

Somewhere in San Diego Jrod joined us from a Starbucks to share his journey from Ohio to California to become a game designer. He is now gearing up to shoot his first web series ‘Agent G100′ starting Sunday at Kris’ house. A deep conversation ensues when Kris declares that discrepancy in grading is the greatest crime in America. John has some strong feelings about the Father’s Day peacocking everyone did on facebook.

Bullet Blitzes

  • Have you ever been called out for wearing team gear for a team you don’t care about?
  • Is E3 worth $1000 ticket price?
  • Mexico vs. Germany caused a Man made earthquake in a preseason match?
  • Kris saw a groupie without a match.
  • Are Esports and the surround coverage good for the game industry?
  • Do you know any startup companies?
  • George Washington stars in the best commercial on TV right now.
  • Will VR ever get a foothold on entertainment?
  • There is something strange about the timing of Anthony Bourdain’s suicide.

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