Gratwick original and Stand up Comedian Ernie Green is our guest this week. We discuss how he got the courage to get up on stage, what the pressure to be funny right now feels like, and why is first time on stage was like losing his virginity with pink eye.

In the second installment of our Gratwick Origins segment Ernie clears up an urban legend started on our show a few weeks back. He also explains why Gratwick was “fuck worthy” back in the day. In the process Kris exposes his secret three year zionist plot to corrupt Ernie and convince him to leave Mesa.

Ernie and Kris have found the future of stand up comedian and they hatch an evil plan to unleash this new world order. Finally, the true identities of the masters of hyperbole are revealed.

1. Week in review – Ernie Green
2. Gratwick Origins – Ernie Green (why gratwick fuck worthy)
3. Ernie explains exactly what did happen in Flagstaff
4. The pressure to have to be funny

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