The Bills, The Boys, and RefRatings

“Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” is a $40 million opening weekend hit, but if it were any other movie 40mil would be considered low results for the star power. Even better than the film is the conversion of the billboard into something a little closer to the truth: “Once Upon A Time in Pedowood”. We share a Spoiler-free review of Amazon Prime’s new Original “The Boys”.

In the real world, Andrea came across a nugget of truth that has her freaking out: CDC Polio vaccine given from 1955-1963 was contaminated with Sv40 virus- which attacks and destroys DNA that blocks cancer cells for bone, lung and brain cancer.

Our Gratwick IP is Wiley Place. Lion King was set inside VR headsets in an open warehouse. Kris has many ideas how we can utilize that technology for Wiley Place.

Join Kris as he hosts a season-long #BillsMafia tailgate party on the RefRatings App.

Get your tickets to the Bills Mafia Homecoming Party.

  • – Friday, Sept 20th –
  • – $60 all you can drink
  • – AR debut
  • – Saturday memorial for Pancho Billa
  • – Sunday tailgate in Hammer lot

Em’s Corner:

Take a look at the Behind the Scenes world of indie filmmaking! Emily took plenty of pictures to let us all into the fun.

Questions from Discord for Em:

  • With the arrival of the second half of IT, Creepshow, and Castle Rock, what are your top three Stephen King books and movies?
  • Have you ever participated in GISH? If not, would you like to attend?

Discord Question:

  • Emily’s movie has me thinking…. what is your zombie survival plan? Stay at home? Head out to sea?

Bullet Blitzes:

  • 2 San Francisco boys killed a cop in Rome when their blackmail scheme backfired. What is the appropriate punishment for them?
  • Many student loan forgiveness ideas are floating around from Democratic candidates. What is your good plan for the overwhelming student loan debt that continues to grow with each graduation year.
  • Andrea has to pick by someone’s name if they are a Rocker (musician) or Running Back (football athlete).
  • 4 Mars missions in July 2020

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