Football is over, Back to Binge-watching and Video Games

We are doing better than the investors in QuadrigaCX . Their 30 year old CEO died and the only password to $190m in cryptocurrency investments went with him. John gives a glimpse into his week with a picture montage. On Friday John played with Max’s Fight Club. Super Bowl reactions.

Gratwick Prod bought their flights for the May 10th brand launch / YAWNY fundraiser at the Wurlitzer Events in Buffalo, NY! Gratwick Gaming partnered with Esports Labs for their new weekly tournament! Breaking down the story structure of the season finale of ‘Atlanta’, (show produced, written and starring Donald Glover).

No Discord section this week – the Polar Vortex has taken over!

Bullet Blitzes

  • I’ve introduced you to the show ‘First We Feast’ on Youtube. Having seen an episode, do you like the format?
  • What is one movie or book that you wish had a sequel or was remade?
  • John is on the hunt for some DMT. Would you ever try DMT?
  • Elon Musk released the patents for Tesla this week for the common good of humanity. How do you feel about patent laws and what patent would you like to see released?

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