Testing a new camera on NYE with Andrea guest hosting.

Testing out a new camera with a guest host on the New Year’s Eve episode.  What kind of shenanigans did Kris and Andrea come up with?  They talked about their Favorite New Year’s Eve, the lack of a West Coast ball drop, then went right into the Discord questions/topics.

Discord Questions

  • Topic: Go Fund Me Campaign for the Border Wall between US & Mexico with millions of $$ already donated.
  • Will creators keep projects offline or on air-gapped computers so they can’t be hacked or leaked anymore?
  • What is your Favorite movie of the year (not necessarily the best)?

Bullet Blitzes

  • What other state would you live in if you couldn’t live in California?
  • If you had to come up with a new social media handle/username, that couldn’t be a real name, what phrase would you choose?