We continue our on going series ‘Behind TPH’ with the production of the second vignette, the chicken story. But first we discuss the week that was.

For several weeks now we have been working with a few banks to try and secure a loan for all the deliverables involved with handing our film over to a distributor. With several offers on the table and pressure to deliver the film right away, if it’s ever going to happen for TPH, the time is now.

Everything is up and running for our partnership with Tugg.com and hopefully there will be several theater appearance for ‘The Perfect House’ to mention in the coming weeks. If you haven’t already requested a screening in your area, be the first and you can pick the date and location along with receiving 5% of ticket sales for the event.

T celebrate the one year anniversary of heading out into the open road on the TPH tour we have started a new weekly blog series entitled, one year ago this week. Each post recaps the week that was on the TPH tour.

Continuation of Behind TPH: Production of the Chicken Story.

By the time we started shooting the second vignette we were starting to hit our stride. A routine had emerged and everyone knew what their responsibilities were and what needed to be done at the end of each night before we left my Grandfathers house. However, like everything in life there was a learning curve.

Our most recent transgression against my Grandfather was a chilling wake up call. There is a switch in the basement that turns the hot water tank on and off, because of sound it was necessary to turn this off everyday when we were shooting. We learned quickly that someone had to be specifically assigned the task of making sure this switch was turned back on at the end of each night, when my Grandfather stumbled into an ice cold shower and was none to happy.

It was during our second story that my cousin, who lived next door, started to do a nightly walk through of the house when we were packing up. Nothing adds tension and awkwardness to a new crew like someone in their tight volunteer fireman tshirt and gun holstered at their side walking through the house screw facing everyone.

Even though my Grandpa had his moments of doubt over the arrangement, he was also a proud Grandfather bragging to all who would listen that ‘Hollywood comes to him’. He was running tours of the set for his friends, only the tour days always seemed to be the most violent days with the occasional boobies out.

Being a small production we didn’t have the pull or the leverage to clear the production with the big man upstairs so we occasionally had to arm our wonderful producers assistant Melissa with the garden hose so she could chase away the extremely vocal birds in nearby trees.

Much to the chagrin of our director of photography Tal Lazar many of the greatest parts of the second vignette came from spontaneity including the street light above the cages, the smiley face light and the hiding place for a shank. One thing that was not spontaneously planned, but a fight to pull off none the less, was our gratuitous breast shot.

While working with Jonathan Tiersten was a challenge at times, it was a positive challenge that provided enormous opportunities to grow and evolve as a director and a creator.