We share the date of our big news and maybe some details…

This Week in Review:

  • China is censoring everybody.
  • Ellen and George is a bad look
  • Nicole Arbour had a bad weekend and proved my point.
  • A writer asked ‘What is good writing’

Main Topic:

#PayUpHollywood is trending. The big companies feed on the ‘if you won’t, someone else will’ threat to create a culture where we compete against each other which in turn lowers our collective value.

Gratwick Section:

Next week we are starting the StartEngine campaign. Legally, we couldn’t say anything until now and that’s why it’s been so hard to build a following — we weren’t allowed to talk about any of this stuff. Stage 1 will be all grassroots and word of mouth, so volunteers are welcome approach us.

Bullet Blitzes:

  • This morning Disney just dropped over 700 titles that will be exclusively available on their streaming platform. How many titles would it take for you to sign up?
  • Did you ever go to Summer camp or an extended vacation with family? If so, where was your favorite place?
  • Bob Weinstein, Harvey’s brother, is starting his own Production Company with the Publicity Exec from Weinstein Company. The news comes two years after Harvey Weinstein was fired from the Weinstein Company after accusations from dozens of women of sexual misconduct and one year after Bob Weinstein stepped down from the company’s board. Is this going to be biz as usual?
  • What positive thing have you learned over our journey together?

The Joker Review.

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