Memorial Day Weekend

This week Kris had a Bills Twitter beef that turned into bromance over the loss of a beloved pet. Andrea began assisting a local fashion designer since returning from the event. Meetings in Malibu have us encouraged.

It’s time to continue the conversation we started with ‘A Night to Inspire’. Most of the interviews from the event are posted in a playlist on YouTube right now (a couple of interviews are still to come) and Kris will upload a new one to Facebook each day. Kris will also be composing a few blog posts this week to go with the interviews.
Next week, the conversation will focus on ‘why blockchain is Hollywood’s worst nightmare’.

A recent article titled “Why Disney+ Freaks Me Out About the Future of Streaming” lead us to remember that years ago when Gratcast was still in its youth Kris predicted this was the natural evolution, and why it’s a good thing.

Discord Questions:

  • It’s Memorial Day wknd: Do you think MD is celebrated the way it should be or do you think ppl use it for bbq and a day off work? Is there anyone you are remembering this day?
  • What is your favorite way to spend a long weekend? Any traditions from youth that have carried over?
  • What was your favorite movie growing up? When you watch it now, does it take you to a place of happiness or do you see it in a completely new light now that takes away from that warmth?
  • Of all the special guests that were able to make it, which one was the biggest surprise? Who is the one guest you wish could have made it?
  • Have you ever served on a jury?

Bullet Blitzes:

  • People are lined up at the summit of Everest dying while they wait for their turn at the top. What is a death-defying experience that appeals to you?
  • Would you rather die by homicide or suicide? The same method.
  • Memorial Day memories?
  • Would you rather have to wear sandals in the snow or sandals on the beach for a whole day?

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