The World is Changing

Andrea started a new job as a stagehand for live performances, film/tv, and theatre. Kris had an interesting and civilized Twitter debate about the fall of economic systems and possible solutions. Netflix has a new Bob Lazar documentary that will open your eyes to the aliens among us! This July you can look forward to more information about the Gratwick Universe

The future of filmmaking has come alive before our eyes with VR live-action filmmaking of Disney’s Lion King. Jon Favreau has shot the entire film inside the virtual African terrain and it is the start of an evolution in creation.

Discord Question:

For Andrea: What is the other big factor that you would say plays into the work process with a show like this?

Bullet Blitzes:

  • An airline passenger left asleep in a dark, empty plane that was parked. What is the weirdest situation you woke up alone in?
  • Are you superstitious? How so?
  • Tough advice, what is the best harsh advice you’ve ever gotten?
  • What would be your perfect vacation- city, activity, living situation?
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