A whole new world has opened up for our broadcasts.

Gratwick Executive Vice President Mike Dirmyer joins the show as our first remote guest through Gridfam.com. Max’s fight club is up and running as well. We are building a sponsor deck for our brand launch event.

Main Topic – Kris installed windows on Mac and suddenly all the same programs run more efficiently and offer deeper features.

Discord Questions

Bullet Blitz

  • (K) Which is worse a missed call
    that determines a championship or replaying
    a championship as the make up call?
  • (J) Do you think the chips in the bank cards
    and the 3 digit security code actually help in any
  • (K) Ghostbusters 3 is finally coming, what
    would be your ideal storyline?
  • (J) Do you know how much the traffic cops
    get paid? TRIPLE TIME!
  • (J)What’s the most money you’ve made per hour
    or in one day?
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Working out the kinks with OBS, Restream, and SlingStudio

Kris talks about Faremart Reservation and John is going to check out some comedy this week.  Kyle is in the studio to help with OBS, Gridfam, Restream.io, and SlingStudio.  Kris and Andrea meet an  accountant, Josh, who is also a Patriots fan to Kris’s chagrin.  A big board meeting this week will bring more news.  The company teases an upcoming event where Paris will be performing.  Buffalo Star Search has been extended through January.  Elabs started Alpha testing last weekend.  This coming Friday the 18th, check out Gratwick Gaming Max’s Fight Club (RDO).  Saturday (19th) is Kris’s birthday!

Discord Questions

  • If Hollywood is so liberal, why do studios donate to Republican Campaigns?
  • What kind of charity work/volunteering would you like to do as an individual or a company?
  • What is your favorite book-to-film adaptation?  What is your least favorite?
  • What is your favorite video game-to-film adaptation?  What is your least favorite?

Bullet Blitzes

  • What is your most memorable rain scene from a movie/tv show?
  • What is one of your favorite things to do/eat on a rainy day?
  • Name a product you’ve bought that had a defunct packaging issue.
  • Which online ‘challenge’ is your favorite?

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Happy New Year to you all!

John returns from a 2 week work “hiatus”. Kris breaks down his interesting week. The guys discuss the final pieces of the WeFunder campaign. The main topic of the week is Netflix’s Bandersnatch & they break down some different areas of the show. RDR2 game talk leads to a heated discussion with the audience about XBox vs PS4.  Elabs is having their closed alpha test this week! 

Discord Questions

  • What did you guys think of the Red Dead Redemption 2 ending?
  • Did you have a high honor or low honor?
  • Ps4 vs Xbox / Girl Gamers/ Digital vs Physical games
  • Golden Globes and Vice and A Star is Born
  • The Meg
  • Fake Accents

Bullet Blitzes

  • What do you think is the worst time/day/date to go to a mall/shopping?
  • What is one of the worst plays you’ve made playing any sport?

Testing a new camera on NYE with Andrea guest hosting.

Testing out a new camera with a guest host on the New Year’s Eve episode.  What kind of shenanigans did Kris and Andrea come up with?  They talked about their Favorite New Year’s Eve, the lack of a West Coast ball drop, then went right into the Discord questions/topics.

Discord Questions

  • Topic: Go Fund Me Campaign for the Border Wall between US & Mexico with millions of $$ already donated.
  • Will creators keep projects offline or on air-gapped computers so they can’t be hacked or leaked anymore?
  • What is your Favorite movie of the year (not necessarily the best)?

Bullet Blitzes

  • What other state would you live in if you couldn’t live in California?
  • If you had to come up with a new social media handle/username, that couldn’t be a real name, what phrase would you choose?