We’re getting a Space Force!

Does Trump know something we don’t about threats in space? Are the real aliens coming for us? Kris and John try to break down the logistics of starting a Space Force. John wonders if Bayers buyout of Monsanto is a Marijuana takeover move.  Gratwick Productions hired a publicist, the Gratwick Gaming ‘Saturday Night Brawl’ is coming and familiar issues with trying to give opportunities to Buffalo.

Bullet Blitzes

  • Bill Gratwick
  • What food would you eat yourself to death with?
  • Top speed in everyday cars is pointless
  • Who would you want to refuse service to?
  • Have you ever adapted something you made fun of?
  • Can John name the top 4 backup QB situations in the NFL

This week Game Designer and Filmmaker JRod Gingerich joins us from a Starbucks.

Somewhere in San Diego Jrod joined us from a Starbucks to share his journey from Ohio to California to become a game designer. He is now gearing up to shoot his first web series ‘Agent G100′ starting Sunday at Kris’ house. A deep conversation ensues when Kris declares that discrepancy in grading is the greatest crime in America. John has some strong feelings about the Father’s Day peacocking everyone did on facebook.

Bullet Blitzes

  • Have you ever been called out for wearing team gear for a team you don’t care about?
  • Is E3 worth $1000 ticket price?
  • Mexico vs. Germany caused a Man made earthquake in a preseason match?
  • Kris saw a groupie without a match.
  • Are Esports and the surround coverage good for the game industry?
  • Do you know any startup companies?
  • George Washington stars in the best commercial on TV right now.
  • Will VR ever get a foothold on entertainment?
  • There is something strange about the timing of Anthony Bourdain’s suicide.

Cryptocurrency can be a filmmakers secret weapon to achieve total independence.

This week Kris woke up to a mystery when he discovered he has no idea who provides the water to his address. Gratwick Productions bought domains for marketing, post production and gaming. Our first tournament will be a  64 person Street Fighter 5 showdown July 14th for a $1500 prize.  Kris is a proud entrepreneur has his team had their first b2b call this week.

Kris gives a detailed layman explanation of how cryptocurrency can disrupt and revolutionize the Hollywood distribution model.

Bullet Blitz’s

  • People With Tiny Dogs
  • TO HoF Snub, Who Would We Snub
  • Stalin Book Reader
  • CA Water Limit
  • Why Stay At A Job You Hate
  • New Driver Stickers
  • Do You Have A Passport?
  • Most Desired Madden 19 Change
  • Where Does Trash Go?
  • Growing Our Own Plants
Kris has a gripe about the Buffalo News paywall.  The Editing Muse had a grammatical argument with a poet.  The 40 year old Asian lady is doing strange things and other odd on-goings at John’s restaurant hotel.  A road trip to San Diego leads to boobs for everybody and a thick red sunburn.