It’s a road show! We are on the road to Dallas Cowboys training camp. Joe shares tales from Uber including a ride with one of Buffalo Sabres Jack Eichel’s bang buddies, a gorgeous girl who was dropped off at the foot of a Simi Valley mansion and an attempt at corrupting the yuppie youth. John shares his first earthquake story which leads to a rant about the movie 2012 and bad CGI. ATS story: California confiscated farms for unapproved water project.  300 farms reclaimed for pair of water tunnels.

Taking farms from family that have owned land since 1860s. Eminent domain. Maryland was in the process of making an eminent domain claim on the Colts in the 1980s that triggered the owner to move to Indianapolis in the middle of the night. In our final section we are live from Dallas Cowboys training camp where the Rams and Cowboys are hosting a joint practice.