Andrea has spent the week at death’s door while Kris’s has been moving and shaking t the Grove. In what might someday go down in Hollywood lore, Kris explains how he pitched, wrote and made a deal for a script in less than 3 days.

A ton of news about The Perfect House hints at possible release date for the ‘multiple’ dvds, possible bonus features, commentary and… a possible secret endings?

Facebook has jumped the shark and become a cesspool of hostility and impulsive negativity. Kris explains why you should always say you’re going to polish it up for them and keep it tight.

A Gratwick Original Mike Garrow will be a guest on next week’s show, Andrea and Kris explain just who is Mike Garrow and where his place is in the annual of Gratwick Films history.

Chapter list
1. Intro to episode 41
2. Andrea goes 7 rounds with death
3. Kris talk about writing a script in 2 days
4. The Perfect House news

Gratcast turns 40! The joyous occasion mysteriously reminds Andrea of her favorite childhood movie The Huggabunches. We recap a week that went from 0-100 in the blink of an eye. We had a week to put together a 3 picture business plan and be ready to present it.

We got the plan together and just made it to the meeting, no thanks to UPS or the LA metro system. Some of the highlights of the package include news about sequels in The Perfect House franchise and our plan to take over October 1st for the next 5-10 years.

Kris offers a symbolic gesture to the gods as a sign he is ready to move on.

This week we are talking Avengers and typecasting!! As we recap the week that was Andrea gives her reactions to some of the current events happening in the news such as John Travolta’s massage habits and 6th graders in Mexico are shooting porno’s in class.

Before we review the Avengers we share some very exciting updates on The Perfect House. While we had minor issues in several areas with The Avengers, it was the casting decision of Robin Chebatsky (Cobie Smulders) that was the biggest down fall of the Avengers.

We discuss why it was a poor career decision for Cobie Smulders to join Marvel.