The TPHtour stopped in Tampa to stay with friends. We recap the most recent leg of the journey.

Special Guest Dan Gambino (and Bear) joins us as we record live from his garage in Tampa, FL.

The Perfect House is an independent horror film that chose to reject mainstream distribution and instead become the first movie ever to premiere on facebook.

In the Summer of 2011, 3 members of Gratwick Films planned a cross country tour to promote the films October 1, 2011 release. The goal was to procure sponsors for a tour bus that would take us around the country hosting free screenings everywhere we went.  But as the summer wore on, time ran out on how elaborate of a tour we could execute.

The confessions and video footage from the tour are included in a Youtube documentary following the tour to promote the first film to premiere on facebook. The documentary will be available in the fall of 2013.