Enter our Act 3. It’s now or never time as we gear up for a cross country tour.  Will it be in a major tour bus or will be travel the country in our own bucket of bolts.

Kris had an important business meeting (beer) so Will and guest-host Jhon Hoadley will be your guides through episode 20 of Gratcast. Will watched August Underground and Jhon could not handle it. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT SECTION: If you are a BLOOD WRESTLING fan from GratFest1 then listen to this episode for a very special Blood Wrestling match happening next week inside Thunderdome!

This week, Kris and Will did a lot of stuff. Consisting of (but not limited to): We watched a re-enactment of the famous Spider-Man/Mary Jane kiss on the Warner Brother’s lot. Will watched Green Lantern. Kris has beefs with 1.) The Omen 2.) Kevin Smith and 3.) Rutgers University (yes that wound is still healing). Kris also runs the numbers on The Perfect House Tour’s ad plan. And we started watching Oz too! And Blood Wrestling from GratFest 1 is on YouTube!