Will and Kris return for a second episode of Gratcast with a BIG announcement.

Kris and Gratwick Films are planning an interactive cross country tour to raise one million fans. The guys run down the first 6 dates on the tour and try to rally a little hometown support along the way. Jonathan Tiersten will be in attendance few a few of the shows. Kris runs down the list of press and publicity rolling out over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, Will and Kris are both working on web series they expect to roll out every Wednesday. Will is creating Tub Talk, a web series talk show with famous historical guests interviewed each week. Kris is creating Predators, a show about a former father who decides to try and take the hunt to the online predators.

Hear how Gratcast started with the infamous LAPD incident.

This is the very first episode of Gratcast. Hear the story that started it all! Kris Hulbert and Will Robertson recall the infamous LAPD incident.  The guys stumbled out of Hooters to head home via the metro on s lazy rainy Saturday night in Hollywood. Things go awry when they run into a couple of LAPD’s finest who give Kris a hard time when he tried to return to Hooters to use the bathroom without buying a ticket or crossing the turnstile.