Kris is going to be an uncle!

Southern California is on fire again. Where can we use panic rooms and how can we improve school safety? Andrea and Kris host a livestream show at the American Warrior Festival in honor of Veteran’s Day with interviews and footage. Gratwick heads back to Buffalo. What is the special announcement?

Discord Questions

  • What is your favorite movie so far this year?
  • Dead or alive, who is the one artist/band you would love to see live in concert?
  • Do you believe in the Final Destination theme of “you can’t escape death”?
  • The French President has suggested Europe form an army of their own to protect themselves from China, Russia and the U.S.  Do you think this is smart on their part? What is your opinion of the situation?

Bullet Blitzes

  • Did you like Queen and Freddie Mercury?
  • What was your favorite rock band?
  • What is your favorite futuristic car design?
  • What would John be doing if he went back to Detroit?