Top 5 Moments Exposed!

Kris started seeking out podcast appearances and guests and discoverer that some podcasters are charging their guests to appear!!! Next week we will have Silver Padilla from Esports Lab stopping by; and on March 4th Kash Hovey will be our 3rd host as he will be in the studio.
Andrea’s adventures of the week involved working on a national sponsor list for the upcoming event in May and a company electronic press kit. Her big adventure was when she went to Jeannie Jones’s Bday party and met super cool people. Saturday Kris is going to be scouting a semi-pro football team’s spring training with the hopes of broadcasting their games in the Fall.

Top 5 moments together

Andrea’s List (no order)

  1. Big Bear Weekend for film festival/Oktoberfest
  2. Getting Bear
  3. Eiffel Tower restaurant in the Paris casino in Vegas
  4. Catalina Island wknd during off season
  5. 6 Flags Park & hotel

Kris’s List (in order)

  1. Utah hotel/ early version of Airbnb
  2. Same as Andrea’s #4
  3. Same as Andrea’s #2
  4. 40th Birthday weekend
  5. Same as Andrea’s #3

Discord Questions

  • BAFTA Suspended/Rescinded Bryan Singer’s nomination for Bohemian Rhapsody.  Thoughts?
  • When starting up Gratwick, how much support did you receive (I’m talking emotionally, not financially)? Did you get a lot of people saying things like “when you decide to get a real job” “how long are you going to do this” from friends/family?

Bullet Blitzes

  • There’s a big movement, rightfully so, to offer more opportunities to women in the industry. How do you feel about crew position ads that request female only applicants?
  • California finally cut its losses on the train to the past. Now that we saved 77 billion what should we spend it on?
  • On 02/12/1985 Carmela Vitale of Dix Hills, NY, received a patent for a plastic 3-legged tripod that sits in a pizza box centre to keep the top from sagging. What small patent do you wish you had come.up with?  
  • Yesterday a 1000 lb tiger was found inside an abandoned SE Houston home. Some pot smokers went in to the home to light up and came face to face with him locked in his cage! The police and animal welfare has to tow his cage out of the house to safety. What should the former owners have to do as a punishment?

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