General technology, Above Top Secret stories and rust belt sports are all on the menu this week. Uber stories from Joe. The autonomous cars are coming! A discovery has been made that has John excited. Edible water balloons! Why aren’t we launching our garbage into the sun? John found an app that claims to earn you free money while running in the background. Kris gives an update on his cash for surveys experiment. Water has been discovered on Mars.

We knew it all along. Neil de Grassie explained perfectly why this is an important discovery and reinforces the theory of planetary seeding. Our ATS story of the week is about a young girl who claims to have been possessed by evil spirits after using an mobile app version of the Ouija board game. Sports talk. The Sabres season has started. The Bills choked against the Giants and the Seahawks win another game with some huge help from the refs.  Oh and John’s Lions are a full blown tire fire.

Uber, Social Casting and the shills protesting the Iran Deal can’t keep us from the man in the Pacific Palisades. Joe talks about being a brand new Uber Driver and how his first fare had some symmetry with the person who referred him to take the job. John lives right across the street from the Scientology Celebrity center, but that doesn’t mean he’s seen anything strange that he is willing to share.  Kris gives an update on Just Drive and round 3 casting, the campaign launches today as does the social interview casting process. Kris explains to the guys that he has decided to start engaging in the online comment sections to try and pull a few people out of the matrix.

The first topic he got involved in was about supposed Iran Deal protestors who are so well prepared and funded they have a custom manufactured inflatable nuclear explosion. Ashley Madison got hacked and Google Maps adds a cool feature that the only way to look at it, is at least they’re sharing the info because we all know they have it either way. This week on we found the craziest story we’ve ever seen on the site. The body of a man who died from heat exhaustion was left in a car in the Pacific Palisades for 2 weeks, because the wife believed he was a spy and the alphabet agencies would come get his body. When police came to investigate they found 1200 guns, $230,000 in cash, 7 tons of ammo and a Toyota SUV that is also a freaking submarine! The story gets even better. Joe offers up a free ride credit with Uber for anyone that tweets us our secret message.

It’s a road show! We are on the road to Dallas Cowboys training camp. Joe shares tales from Uber including a ride with one of Buffalo Sabres Jack Eichel’s bang buddies, a gorgeous girl who was dropped off at the foot of a Simi Valley mansion and an attempt at corrupting the yuppie youth. John shares his first earthquake story which leads to a rant about the movie 2012 and bad CGI. ATS story: California confiscated farms for unapproved water project.  300 farms reclaimed for pair of water tunnels.

Taking farms from family that have owned land since 1860s. Eminent domain. Maryland was in the process of making an eminent domain claim on the Colts in the 1980s that triggered the owner to move to Indianapolis in the middle of the night. In our final section we are live from Dallas Cowboys training camp where the Rams and Cowboys are hosting a joint practice.