The story behind TPH continues with finding the rest of the cast and crew in Buffalo, but first we discuss our abundance of options in our week in review.

The benefits of self distribution are the endless options available to today’s filmmakers, however the draw back is also the overwhelming amount of endless options.

One of the best options we have come across so far is Through Tugg we will be able to have The Perfect house available in theaters across the country and you our fans can earn 5% of the the ticket sales for promotiong the event.

Behind TPH part 3: The Buffalo Cast and Crew.

One by one we find the rest of the crew and continue to hold auditions, meetings and interviews at our favorite BBQ joint. We made our gaffer jump threw hoops, Kris Smith orginally auditioned for a part other than the storm mother, Holly Greene did her audition while screaming in a Hotel closet in Vancouver at 6am.

As great as Jonathan Tiersten was as John Doesy their was another fairly famous actor originally cast in the part that fell threw at the last second opening the door for JT.

Days before production begins and we have no equipment, 8 inches of water in our basement set and no money, but we still