Kris gives his thoughts and impressions of the documentary Sweet Adversity he attended last week.

The film centers on the life of actress Marsha Hunt who was famously blacklisted from Hollywood for daring to defend her industry friends while they were being run by congress as Russian sympathizers. John relates the sentiment for such Washington hysteria to the driving forces behind the #Walkaway movement. This transitions into a talk about how absurd it is for people to hate the person so much, that they hope the President fails on behalf of America. We all know the horrible, dark and evil things America has done over its history, but for all Trumps sins (and there are a ton of them) are we really suppose to believe he is the worst or most evil person that has ever occupied the oval office, or did the more evil ones have better manners?  No matter how evil or bad someone is, no one is all evil or all good. Each action a person makes stands on its own weight without cleansing, endorsing or forgetting the sins of the past. How does any reasonably educated person not recognize the absurdity of racism? Kris explains how politics has devolved to sports fan guys who can’t be honest about his hometown team without thinking it makes you a fair weather fan.

August 20th will be the Official unofficial 100th episode of Gratcast streamed live on facebook. We have a title sponsor and we’ll be confirming our guests for the show. The topic of our 100th episode will be how do we move beyond #MeToo and enact real culture change that lasts. Kris ponders about how the occupy movement changed the culture of America and was a turning point for all the activism and protests that we see today. The #MeToo movement needs to move to the phase where it inspires spinoff actions and movements. When people sit around and wait for established Hollywood to accept and approve of you to consider yourself successful, they already control you.

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Gratcast has an exciting milestone coming up.

Kris watched the Techno Viking Documentary that wasn’t allowed to show the Techno Viking.  Despite coming from a border city John has just learned about Real ID’s and he is not a fan. There are exciting days ahead and to get ready Kris is going on what he calls the G90x. August 20th Gratcast will be live with special guests and a very big announcement.

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