Special Guest, Mike Garrow, shares what it was like moving to Los Angeles and how he stumbled into a great career at Warner Brothers.

The Perfect House is getting close to an official release date, and Mike shares his unique experience with being one of the investors on an indie hit.

When it comes to “celebrity encounters”, Kris and Mike have had quite a few. From finger pointing Matthew Perry on the boulevard to almost getting taken out by a runaway golf cart driven by Kurt Russell as he’s laughing his ass off. A split second difference in time and Kris might have ended the hit show Chuck after 1 season.

The origins of Gratwick becomes a bit clearer as Mike shares childhood memories of how the gang came to be. In his latest memory, Mike explains how after a long night of drinking he sobered up to discover he now had a lesbian roommate. It’s okay though, she’s cool.

This is apparently par for the course from ‘Journey Guy’. He is the guy who single-handedly caused the band’s album to be removed from several Hollywood bars.

In an effort to get serious, we talk to Mike about why he moved to LA, how he lost a man in Arizona on his way West, and how we got set up with a sweet, cushy job at Warner Brothers.

Only one question left to be asked, and Mike explains “what happened to the dream”.