This week we are talking Avengers and typecasting!! As we recap the week that was Andrea gives her reactions to some of the current events happening in the news such as John Travolta’s massage habits and 6th graders in Mexico are shooting porno’s in class.

Before we review the Avengers we share some very exciting updates on The Perfect House. While we had minor issues in several areas with The Avengers, it was the casting decision of Robin Chebatsky (Cobie Smulders) that was the biggest down fall of the Avengers.

We discuss why it was a poor career decision for Cobie Smulders to join Marvel.

Andrea guest hosts this week and coincidentally our first live streamed Gratcast.

From Paris With Love is very bad movie and a perfect example of the Hollywood machine mailing it in. Cheesiest green screen work ever. Complete copy of Training Day. I couldn’t see Travolta in a men’s sauna until I watched this movie.

Andreas week. Business plans, proposals for the TPHtour.  Andrea has been working on putting foreign distribution packages together. We are cutting the mini tour footage into a sizzle real for a reality show. We are trying to setup a show in San Diego and hoping to start the big tour in June. We have some crazy ideas and contests for the tour.  Kris went to the Hollywood Park for the Kentucky Derby.

Hollywood corner. Pressures of post production compared to pre production. What is the most important thing Kris and Andrea have learned so far. Having the knowledge to match my instincts. The blurry lines between friends and business partners.