This weeks guest is New Jersey transplant and aspiring indie filmmaker Jen Carmody. Jen talks with us about film school in NYC and the challenges of indie filmmaking in the big city, why she finally decided to move to Los Angeles, how she found a place to live and what her plans to achieve her dreams are.

We finally hired a publicist and celebrated when we found a new hole in the wall bar that has free bingo, snacks and cheap beer. Even though Jen lived in NYC she’s a Jersey girl through and through in the eyes of a true New Yorker. Jen defends her inner Jersey Girl as she explains why things in her natural environment like rats and the subway entered in her decisions to leave.

If you move to Los Angeles it’s all about the roommates. In just a few short months Jen has experienced every end of the spectrum, starting off in the basement of a 13 roommate reality house and ending with a soon to be divorced aging hipster.

We close out with a discussion about the future, immediate and long term.