The summer of Joe has concluded before it ever began.  The soon to be laid off co-host of Gratcast is already working two new jobs in additional to the one that is ending. That meant we needed to rework our recording schedule this week and that forced us to bump our guest to next week. So we fired from the hip with this episode.

Kris explains his latest Facebook scuffle which resulted in him being declared an anti-semite because he took the stance that both Israel and Iran should stop threatening to annihilate each other to a Jewish person war mongering against Iran.

A segueless transition takes the boys into a conversation about digital acts and using CGI to finish an actors work when they die during production. While the cool technology has limitless uses it also has the dark side effect of creating motives for murder by family members and handlers of superstars. Think of a world where Chris Evans can be Captain America for the next 100 years regardless of whether or not he is a live.

On a more positive note Kris explains what it was like to meet with a producer who represents Chinese film investors.  What was suppose to be a follow up to previously submitted and read synopsis’s became a spontaneous moment where he had to pitch his stories off the top of his head.

The social discussion of the week revolves around Kris’s struggle to balance his rebellious nature, with his knowledge that collaboration is the best approach most of the time. It’s walking the line between the two that makes a leader great. To make his point, Kris uses the most recent season of the Walking Dead and the groups new surroundings that allow them to put the swords down and assimilate into a mostly normal life again. But after literally having to be ready to fight for their lives at any moment, being able to just relax and live does not come easy to the group.

In our final segment Joe talks about the need to be a hustler and have residual income. He also shares a hustlers trick on how to get more credit for gas cards when you go grocery shopping.