Breaking down a predatory loan in detail

Kris gives John an update on the car situation and the options for getting out of a predatory loan. As Gratwick Productions grows there are opportunities to go around, some will be small, some will be big. Kris explains why there is never a bad opportunity to be offered, even the free ones. Its on the people searching for opportunities to find opportunities that match what level they are on and then research the person providing the opportunity to determine whether or not the offer is ethical.  Our Brand Ambassador program is available to the first 100 people who join our Gratwick discord server using this invite. We have an exciting announcement about future plans for Gratcast.

Bullet Blitzes

  • Best Uber Ride?
  • Something you love, that broke and you never touched again.
  • Eating too food that is too hot.
  • Best discount store find?
  • Longest shift ever worked?
  • Tallest weed plant and how much it produced.