We celebrate the 100th episode of Gratcast with a conversation about how Hollywood can go from #MeToo to #NoMore.

Filmmaker and Actress Kathy Kolla joins us for the first hour to talk about her experiences in the industry and her new film ‘Plastic Daydream’.

5:00 – 21:00 – Kathy Kolla talks about ‘Plastic DayDream’
21:21 – 59:00 – How does Hollywood go from #MeToo to #NoMore

The second hour is joined by Silver Padilla with our title sponsor PayDay.GG to talk about the E-sports industry and how the PayDay social media and tournament platform is positioned to explode on the scene.

59:30 – 1:45:00 – PayDay.GG

We thank our sponsors PayDay.GG, LadyBug Fortune and Young Scent for their support.

We put together a full rundown of all the tech we used for Gratcast100.

Bullet Blitz

  • Favorite first video game?
  • What game makes you rage quit?
  • When did you first start playing video games?

Our final official episode before next weeks #Gratcast100 live on facebook.

John is back and we have a guest to announce for next weeks 100th episode. Award winning filmmaker Kathy Kolla. We have a live show on facebook next week and the topic will be how do we go from #MeToo to #NoMore. The second half of the show will feature the Esports CEO’s of PayDay.GG. They will be giving away a few subscriptions to their tournament platform and talking about an upcoming tournament series to benefit Rock Against MS.

John steps in it with the ladies and Andrea calls hm on it. We’re now looking to get a Fortnite match with John versus 99 female gamers.  Hopefully PayDay can make this happen. We’re going to ask them next week when they’re on the show.  We rented the SlingStudio for Monday’s live show. We’ll find out together if it works.

Bullet Blitz

  • What historical discovery do you want to know more about?
  • How do you like to be pampered?
  • Cell phone and must respond immediately or  landline phone?