John is in Tennessee so Andrea guest hosts Gratcast again.

We have guests lined up through March including some new talent like singer/songwriter Paris Calibur next week and Kash Hovey in March. We will also have a new segment on the show starting next week – Emily’s Corner with Emily Balkovic from our awesome Discord group!

First Interview via Gridfam – CEO Silver Padilla
Silver discusses how Payday became Elabs the May 10 launch event, his favorite game he’s playing right now, high school sports, what stays with you? How do you balance being an entrepreneur, full time employee and a father? What’s your biggest life lesson you learned the hard way? What impact do you want to have on Esports and gaming? Final Question – Surprise.

Discord Questions:

  • What is our best method on feeling better when sick, what gets you going?
  • It is reported that Trump is declaring a state of emergency to fund his border wall and that CA might sue. How do you feel about that development?

Bullet Blitzes:

  • A first-run copy of the Nintendo Entertainment System game sold in a private transaction earlier this month for $100,150 and the people involved in the deal say it’s the first six-figure transaction for a single collectible game. In 40 years what memorabilia from the early 2000s will be worth that equivalent?
  • Final season of Veep is coming. Which character is better Elaine Bettis or Selina Meyer?
  • Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Alfonso Ribeiro is suing Epic Games for allegedly using his signature “Carlton dance” in Fortnite. Us copyright says the Dance can’t be registered because it’s just a “simple routine”, lost the suit. What’s another dance from a movie/show is that so recognizable that the name instantly recalls what it’s from?
  • Laundry, dishes or drive. Never again, leave up to a robot, and do yourself.

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